The Bottom Line 6-7

TRG has maintained long-term relationships with key state DOT contacts, in addition to public & private aggregate producers. This week TRG announced an Atlanta-based field trip to sit down with the Georgia (GA) DOT, followed by a company meeting and quarry tour with Vulcan Materials. We are also working to include a key Vulcan customer in the mix, further enhancing the understanding of how the transformative changes in GA DOT infrastructure funding is impacting heavy materials & construction companies today. Another state this week that announced a meaningful increase in infrastructure funding was Illinois (IL). IL last weekend passed the Rebuild Illinois Act, the first capital bill in 10 years. The 6-year, $45B plan will help address an estimated $25B in maintenance backlogs with the majority of funding targeted for road and bridge work. TRG contacts shared the surprise was how large the final package was, also noting the dire need for infrastructure work across the state (e.g., Our contact noted it was common knowledge citizens were avoiding major thorough fares in/around Springfield due to safety concerns). See TRG’s note below published 6/2/19 for additional details and implications for TRG coverage.

Leisa Childers