The Bottom Line 5-24

With Memorial Day Weekend upon us, TRG is focused on new ideas as we head into the summer months. Some of our very best work has been published in the heat of the summer months, from our Wallboard & Synthetic Gypsum Thought Piece to our Winners & Losers in a Challenging LVT Landscape last year. We kicked the summer “thought piece” season off this week with our Mohawk Industries thought piece, focusing on why FCF matters and laying out the case that there is light at the end of the operational tunnel. In coming weeks, TRG will publish additional investing idea thought pieces, covering both current coverage and new stock ideas. Featured above is TRG’s picture of the week, a view from our Nashville office into the construction of a mid-rise building in the Gulch. Why is this picture important? It’s because wood is replacing concrete in the construction of a mid-rise office sub-floor. This is another great example of a time and waste saver in new construction.

Leisa Childers