Policy Research

Policy decisions out of D.C. have always been important, but now more than ever, policy decisions out of Washington D.C. under President Obama's administration will be pivotal to stock volatility, including that of the industrials sector. We have taken our Wall Street acumen to D.C. and developed key Senate, House, and D.C. policy organization contacts that give us a unique perspective that helps shape our outlook on the industrials space. We differentiate ourselves by sifting through the myriad of information from D.C. and developed timely, actionable stock ideas. We do not stop in D.C. - our government contacts go to the state and local level.

How do current clients tap into our D.C. and state expertise?
Some of the largest mutual fund and hedge funds in the U.S. have called on TRG to help better understand transportation and related infrastructure policy developments out of D.C. and state agencies and how these decisions impact infrastructure investments.

D.C. and state legislative expertise has expanded beyond industrials. Our extensive network of key government contacts has enabled TRG to broaden our expertise for our clients.

Examples include:

  • For-profit-education
  • Department of Defense
  • Financial Services and Energy

Our specific D.C. related research includes:

  • State Department of Transportation (DOT) Survey
  • Washington D.C. Industrials Policy Update
  • Construction Products Beige Book Review
  • Weekly D.C. Industrials Policy Roundup