Industry Surveys

For a recap of TRG's Q4'16 survey season, please click here:

The following are TRG's specific industry survey publications:

Aggregate, Cement, & Concrete

Quarterly survey of the largest aggregate, cement, and concrete producers in the U.S. to determine pricing and volume trends.

Building Products

Monthly survey of domestic Building Products distributors, manufacturers, buying groups and relevant industry contacts nationwide to gauge volume and pricing trends in the steel stud, wallboard, insulation, ceiling, flooring, and lighting industries.

Household Goods & Services

Quarterly survey of authorized kitchen and bath products dealers across the U.S. to gauge trends in pricing, volume and mix. This survey also provides a read on residential R&R and new construction.

Contractor & Surety

Quarterly survey of construction sureties (underwriters and agents), providing commentary on current health of contractors and the state of the construction industry. This survey also reaches to major construction firms across the U.S. providing commentary on project margins, raw material pricing, and overall bidding trends for public and non-res/commercial construction projects.

Equipment Auction & Appraisal  

Quarterly survey of equipment auction houses and appraisers nationwide providing insight on the health of the used equipment market, an early indicator of construction activity.

Equipment Rental  

Quarterly Survey of nationwide contacts in the equipment rental industry to gauge current and future trends for rental rates and utilization levels of construction equipment, an indication of non-residential construction trends.

State DOT 

Survey of key State Departments of Transportation to gauge budget and revenue projections, letting schedules and impact from Federal policy decisions providing a read on public construction.

RV Dealer

Quarterly survey of RV dealers from across the U.S. and Canada, representing in excess of 50% of U.S. and Canadian RV sales. This survey clarifies sales, inventory, discounting, and financing trends for the RV industry, as well as provide a good snapshot for the health of the consumer.