Thompson Research Group provides consulting services to private companies and financial sponsors participating in our sectors of coverage. Leveraging our industry and public policy expertise with our deep industry relationships, TRG provides commercial due diligence associated with acquisitions, as well as strategic assessments of current operating companies. Because our end-markets are inherently local in nature, pre-established relationships are a priority for successful completion of any analysis and a key differentiator for TRG. We have completed engagements providing the following services:

  • Market Assessment & Expansion:

    • Estimate market size, analyze segmentation and competitive threats

    • Evaluate value-chain including significant funding sources and growth drivers

    • Interview existing customers and suppliers to determine competitive position

  • Transaction Due Diligence:

    • Lead or assist in targeting, deal valuation, and financial feasibility

    • Analyze opportunity through market modeling, market assessment and expansion

    • Examples include: asset targeting, asset sale, equity placement and project evaluation

  • IPO Services:

    • S1: Development, writing, filing and registration

    • Road show preparation: due diligence, presentation preparation and delivery coaching

    • Investor selection & marketing: institutional investors, hedge funds, family offices

  • Policy & Regulatory:

    • Identify opportunities and threats in the regulatory environment

    • Conduct forward-looking research utilizing proprietary government contacts
    • Sector examples: highway construction, energy and environmental

  • State DOT Analysis:

    • Assessment of political climate and state legislation effecting state construction

    • Estimation and forecast of state, county and district level lettings

    • Historical material quantity estimation and out-year forecast

  • Product Adoption & Utilization:

    • Forecast market penetration for relevant products and services

    • Identify current product adoption levels and predict market potential

    • Analyze order qualifying and order winning criteria


Geographic Expansion - Aggregates

  • TRG concluded an in-depth geographic expansion study for a middle-market private equity firm interested in acquiring aggregate assets over a multi-state area. The TRG team directed our efforts to analyzing the geographic markets including interviews with the Department of Transportation, municipal representatives, Chambers of Commerce and other industry sources. Client deliverable included prospects for economic development, analysis of demographics, and the public funding environment.

Transaction Due Diligence - Building Materials

  • Engaged by a major western building products company considering a bolt-on acquisition, TRG analyzed the target company's local economy for both private and public spending to forecast out-year growth. Primary growth drivers for the economy were examined as well as local and state legislative actions and feedback from numerous local and state business and legislative leaders.

Market Review - Construction

  • For a repeat client, TRG construction an exhaustive analysis of the public, non-residential and residential markets in a number of key client regions. Given the highly regionalized recovery underway at the time, TRG focused on identifying key economic drivers in each market place. TRG accomplished this through in-depth research, interviews with key state and local officials as well as in-person site visits. Key takeaways for the client included an analysis of the addressable market, opportunities and threats, the competitive landscape and relevant legislation action.

Pre IPO Due Diligence

  • For a recent IPO of a building products company, TRG provided third-party due-diligence services. Analysis included the key regions and drivers of the company's revenue and highly detailed out-year projections. TRG also closely examined numerous economic and legislative drivers that could influence the company's performance in the out-years.

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